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Neva S. Quincy, MA.                                     review 5/6/2013 

       Ryan is incredible!!! I took 5 lessons with him and I passed the road test. He is very detailed and very patient unlike other instructors. It was my first time driving on the road and other instructors used to make me nervous. He made me practice a lot with parallel parking, 3 point turns and all his tips are very helpful. I highly recommend him as a driving instructor. He will not just make you pass the test but you will be a lot more confident on the road once you learn from him.


Denise C. Boston, MA                                   review 5/7/2013

       Ryan is a great instructor and has lots of patience. As someone who is learning to drive for the first time in my mid 20s, I was terribly nervous, but Ryan kept me calm and focused on the road. He has extensive knowledge of what each driving test location is looking for, for example Lynn looks for certain things that Braintree does not, and has tons of helpful tips like UCLA (uphill curb left always). I couldn't have picked a better place to learn how to drive and face my fears. Highly recommend!


David D.Boston,MA.                                        review 5/16/2013

       I was pretty nervous about driving at first. But I must say Ryan was probably the best an instructor can be. He's very patient with everyone he teaches and he makes driver's ed entertaining to a point where it doesn't feel like the class is two hours. He takes his time teaching you everything you need to know to pass the road test. He was always available if I ever had any questions which is important for people who are just learning how to drive. All in all it was a great learning experience and because of Ryan's teaching I was able to pass my road test on the first try!


Phu N.Boston, MA.                                              review 5/17/2013

       The Safety Auto School was definitely a great choice for me and my very first driving experience. Not only is the program efficient, it is very professional as well. I got the 10 lesson package, which included 9 practice runs and a road test. The whole package was only $550, which is quite low compared to the other schools I researched. The entire process could be taken in a matter of 2 weeks, for those in a rush and wanting their license as soon as possible. As many new drivers, I entered the school extremely nervous. The anxiety soon disappeared once I met my instructor and realized how personable he was. His humor and patience surely made me feel more comfortable in the driver's seat. I highly doubt that there are many others like him. Not only so, he willingly picked me up and dropped me off anywhere I desired within the Dorchester area. This driving experience is surely one that I recommend to anyone who wants to learn to drive properly.


Denisha V.Boston,MA.                                            review 5/31/2013

       This by far is the best driving school that i have been to BY FAR. The driving instructor is very well mannered and an amazing teacher. He was very patient while teaching and he was open to teaching me what i wanted to learned and what i needed work on. THIS IS THE ONLY SCHOOL THAT TAKES YOU ON THE HIGHWAY it was a awesome experience driving with this school. He has very high expectations in making sure you learn rather than worrying about anything else. I would highly recommend this school to anyone who asks or is wondering about it. Even though other schools may be cheaper this school is well worth the money and you should expect nothing but success from this school. The location is very easy to find and he worked very diligently with my busy hectic schedule. He is very great with communication this is a grade A++ school. This is the ONLY 5 star driving school around. Dont make the mistake in going else where.


Francesca F.Mattapan, MA.                                             review 5/31/2013

       Before I went to Safety Auto School, my dad put me on the road, and this wasn't a good experience for me because he has a short temperament- not good for teaching someone how to drive. So, I was pretty relieved when I had Ryan as my instructor. I took the 9 lesson package with the driving test, and it was just a great experience. Ryan is very calm when instructing so you feel less nervous driving. He's also very polite and respectable, other than the other driving schools in the same Dorchester area I've heard of. He charges a little more than other schools, but at least you know you won't have to come back for other lessons because you didn't learn enough. I just came back from my road test with two other students and we all passed! I highly recommend Safety Auto School.


Elizabeth P.Boston, MA.                                          review 5/31/2013

       Even a few week ago, I would have never ever considered taking a road test in Boston. But suddenly, I needed a license ASAP. I had some driving practice in the past (I had tried another auto school as well as by my parents) but driving had always been something that was hard and I was just not confident doing. I did some online searching and finally chose safety auto school because of the good reviews and on their website, it says that the passing rate for the road exam had been 98%. I thought I had the best chance of getting a driver's license with this school.

       And I was right. I am so glad that I picked this school. I took 5lessons+ Road test package. The instructor has a very busy schedule ( I guess I wasn't the only one reading the reviews on Yelp :D ) but he was able to accomodate me. I contacted him on Tuesday, he fit my five lessons on that day, Weds, and I took the road test on Friday :) The instructor was incredibly polite and made me feel very comfortable when driving. Because I get so nervous behind the wheel, I was making alot of same mistakes but he never yelled, never lost his temper, and was always encouraging. During my 5 lessons, I never felt that any time was wasted, and he let me practice on things I really needed to improve. (Before I went to Safety Auto School, I didn't know how to parallel park or go in reverse without bumping on the curve- I breezed through all that on the test =) ) And I even went on the highway! It was a great overall experience, and really helped me build confidence as a driver- which is something that I think all new drivers would appreciate :)

       Well, I can vouch for their high passing rate because I passed on my first try, which I would have never dreamed. (Lol, no one in my family believed me at first when I told them I got my driver's license- we were all surprised. :) ) And more importantly, I feel better about driving. I would strongly recommend this school to anyone hoping to improve their driving skills, increase their confidence on the road, or get a license. And don't get me wrong- the school focused on teaching me how to drive safely-which I learned; its just as a student, my primary focus had been on passing the road test with minimal stress :PThanks for reading and good luck driving everyone :)


Tri N.Boston, MA.                                          review 7/2/2013

       Ryan is an excellent teacher. He was very positive and calm throughout all of the sessions. With his erudite experience and teaching skills, I was able to get my license within 1 week of training. I highly recommend this school, and don't hesitate to spend an extra buck on this high quality class!


Ritz N.Boston, MA.                                     review 7/12/2013

       Ryan is by far the best driving instructor I have met. I had driving license in Asia, UK and now in US.Having taken driving lessons from various instructors in all these places - they were all the same telling students to do the routine stuff. Ryan has a deep understanding in driving through which he corrects your mistakes which makes him special.Other instructors tell the mistake you are doing in driving and ask you to correct it. But Ryan is different. Best part of Ryan is that he will employ a exercise to correct your mistake. Mistakes,flaws will be corrected then and there - he is able to do it because of his driving expertise. Within few classes you will gain immense confidence. His class always has a lot of information about different driving skills, road conditions and also about adjustments for rough weather. For freshers - Ryan is the best. For students from other continents - Ryan is a must. He will tell you exactly what adjustments needed for US driving.Overall, he is the best instructor I have met in 3 continents where I have driven.


Olajide O.Mattapan, MA.                                          review 7/16/2013

       If you want to pass your road test, I prefer you go with the best in the Dorchester Area and overall in Boston, Safety Auto School, very informative


Marian Z.Boston, MA.                                         reviews 7/19/2013

       Ryan is very nice and very good teacher, 100% recommendable!I already knew how to drive, then Ryan taught me the basics for the road test and I passed at first attempt. He was also able to find me a road test spot very quickly.


Ishan B.Boston, MA.                                            reviews 8/15/2013

       I do not usually write reviews unless it makes a "clear and present" impact. And this one does. I had an incredible experience with Ryan (which in and of itself speaks volumes, since this is a driving school we are talking about). He was encouraging, attentive and patient in making the necessary corrections. This comes from someone who has cancelled 4 prior road tests. And I passed my first road test - indeed it was a breeze. If this does not convince that you should go to him, check out his new hybrid vehicle - the man is also environmentally conscious!


Matt F.Boston, MA.                                              review 11/9/2013

       Fantastic driving school. Ryan is the best teacher around and he'll tell you everything you need to know. Definitely the best driver's ed experience around and top quality. I would recommend it to anyone in the Boston area that needs to take driver's ed.


Aga K.Boston, MA.                                              reviews 11/9/2013

       Safety auto prepares you not only for your road test but it prepares you for dealing with some of Boston's careless drivers. Not only does Ryan teach you how to drive a car but he will teach you how to park a car uphill. It's the best auto school for teens and inexperienced drivers.


Danny S.Boston, MA.                                                 review 11/17/2013

       Safety Auto School is the place to go for learning how to drive safely on the streets of Boston. Ryan is a very knowledgable person, and he taught me a lot of tips on the road, and he is a great teacher and instructor. I was very surprised with how much I learned from him and from the school. There are many other driving schools in the area, but I can promise you that they do not have as much to offer as Safety Auto. Choose Safety Auto school, and you will NOT be disappointed.


John L.Boston, MA.                                                review 3/12/2014

       I recently took this driving school with Ryan. Although I have had previous experience with driving on the road, Ryan has provided me a lot of insights on how to parallel park better, rules of the road, changing lanes, etc. The classes are very insightful as well. I learned a lot about the danger of driving and how I can prevent them. I have definitely become a better driver than I was before and I rarely make any reckless or minor mistakes while driving. I passed the road test last week without any errors at all! I would recommend this auto school to anyone who's interested in obtaining a driver license or improving your driving skills.

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