ROAD TEST FEE: (Week Days and WeekendS*)

Regular weekday Road Test2-3 months wait time


Quick/Alternative/Off Hour Road Test: 2-4 weeks wait time


       All road tests include: scheduling fee, sponsor, car, and RMV examiner. (Does not include RMV fees: $50 for License and $35 for each Road Test)


       Weekday Road Tests are available from 6-9 weeks in Watertown, Braintree Locations from 9am-4pm. Pick ups and drop offs are ONLY available at Safety Auto School's Office. (Currently NOT Avaviable)


       All weekday road tests must be cancelled or reschedule 2 weeks before the road test date, or the students will forfeit their Road Test fee of $150 and be charged a $35 fee by the RMV. (Currently NOT Avaviable)


       *Quick/Alternative/Off Hour Road Tests are available from 2-4 weeks at the Braintree Location from 7am-9pm Sunday-Saturday. Student must meet at road test area. You must schedule with Safety Auto School 2-3 weeks in advance for your weekend road test. There is a NO cancellation or reschedule for Quick/Alternative/Off Hour road tests after they have been scheduled, or else students will forfeit their Road Test fee of $170 and be charged a $35 fee by the RMV.

If you are between 16½ and 18 years old, you may schedule a Class D (passenger) road test only if you have a Driver's Education Certificate. If you do not have a Driver's Education Certificate, you must be 18 years of age or older to schedule a road test.


Weather Policy:

Road tests will be automatically cancelled when...

  • The Governor declares a state of emergency for the entire state.

  • The Governor declares a state of emergency in a certain region of the state (only road tests in this region will be cancelled).

  • When a public school system cancels classes for weather-related reasons, road tests scheduled in that school system's community may be cancelled at the discretion of the RMV.

  • Road Test Examiners may also cancel road tests when weather conditions are considered unsafe at a particular road test site.

  • To determine if your road test has been canceled, please call the RMV's Phone Center, check the RMV's Homepage or contact Safety Auto School Office @ 617-514-4600.

  • You may reschedule a new road test at no additional fee if your road test was cancelled due to weather conditions.